API Documentation

Getting Started

Welcome to the Big Sofa API documentation. This site covers everything you need to get started using our API.


All API requests and players are authenticated via applications. If haven't yet registered an application you will need to contact us first. You can then visit the platform to obtain your APP_ID and APP_SECRET.

You should always keep your APP_SECRET safe! Don't reveal it to anyone or put it in the page where a user might be able to see it.


Our API provides a number of endpoints for managing your content within the Big Sofa platform. These can be used to interact with the platform from your application. See our API calls documentation for a list of all endpoints.

Uploading files

Read our upload guide for a step by step guide to uploading media files using our api.


API requests are authenticated via basic authentication.

Embeded Video Player

An authenticated javascript and HTML5 media player for displaying videos from Big Sofa.