Player Widget

Usage guide

1. Media UIDs

Get the UIDs of the media to be displayed by the player widget.

2. Generate a signature

Obtain your Application KEY and SECRET from the Big Sofa platform. Generate a time signed signature. This can be done using the signed_api_request ruby gem. You should always keep your SECRET safe! Don't reveal it to anyone or put it in the page where a user could access it. The expiry time must be less than two hours time in epoch seconds.

3. Initialize the player

Add the following code to your page

<div id="widget-player"></div>
<script src=""></script>
  var element = document.getElementById('widget-player');
  var options = {
    videos: ["6f117b"], // The media uids as an array
    keyid: "0520e6496c267b677690", // The application key
    signature: "YLUhTGFvlWfshmj4%2B8fs6ZzcMYwg2ZXt%2BMDKqrZvSkE%3D", // The generated signature
    expires: 1632444965 // The expiry time in epoch seconds. Must be less than two hours time.
  var player = new BigSofa.Player(element, options);


If the media has any tags associated with it, you will see a 'Tag' icon on the players toolbar. Click on this and a list of tags will pop up. Clicking on any of the tags will take you to the tagged part of the transcript.